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Building Financial Security

Below is a selection of important articles we have provided that cover a variety of topics from helpful financial investment strategies and retirement savings issues, to market pitfalls to avoid. Check back often and stay informed, or forward your email to, to have these articles sent directly to you.

Articles for Building Your Financial Security

The Pros and Cons of Investing In and Owning Gold

Promissory Notes May Not Be Real Promises

Understanding Variable Annuities: Pros and Cons

Verifying Social Security Records To Maximize Your Benefits

Good News: The Longer You Live – The Longer You Live

More Mutual Fund Investors Minimize Their Fees in 2015

The Value of Double-Checking Your Retirement Strategy

How Can LTC Insurance Help You Protect Your Assets?

Financial Fraudsters Preying on Boomers and Elders

Get a Paycheck for Life with the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider

Retiring in America – How safe is your Safe Money?

If Interest Rates Rise, What Happens to Bonds?

Long-Term Investment Truths

401k Fees & Rollover Options

The New Gradual Retirement

Understanding The Difference Between Fixed And Variable Annuities

Taking Taxes Into Account When Saving & Investing

Social Security Survivor Benefits

Pension Plans and De-Risking

It’s Time to Review Your Life Insurance

How Can Women Save More For Retirement?

Fixed Indexed Annuities

Avoiding Family Squabbles Over Your Estate

Are Your Kids Delaying Your Retirement?

Which Financial Documents Should You Keep on File?

Tax Efficiency in Retirement

Couples Retiring on the Same Page

Retire at 65, or Not?

RMD Precautions & Options

The Latest on Social Security

The Question Marks Surrounding Wall Street Trading

Understanding the Gift Tax Exclusion

Using Debit vs Using Credit

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