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Video Clips

The 401k Fallout

The greatest reminder most Americans have of the effect of the economic crisis is the bottom line on their 401k Statement. Watch as this CBS 60 Minutes broadcast delves into the effects the market crash has had on those facing retirement, and those hoping to recover lost dollars and rebuilding a retirement savings. This must-see video raises pertinent questions about how to avoid being a victim in the next market downturn.

Retirement Quiz

What is your “Retirement IQ”? Studies show that most people don’t understand the basics of retirement, including annuities and expenses associated with long-term medical care. This video will challenge your retirement readiness by delving into the requirements for those considering retiring, exploring the risk facing retirees, and offering planning suggestions.

401k Fees and Rollover Options

Fees are costing you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Learn more about these charges and options for safety and security for your retirement funds.

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