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Alfa and Max

After retiring and moving to Grand Rapids, Max and I both wanted to choose a financial manager for our funds. It was difficult leaving behind those previous contacts in whom we had built trusting relationships.

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We were given Dave’s name by a family friend. We went in to meet with him and he was very helpful. Never in a rush and an excellent communicator. His experience and integrity and his code of ethics in business are related to his relationship to family, friends, and God. Thank you Dave.

Brian S.

I’ve enjoyed working with Dave. I have found him very patient, knowledgeable and honest. I would recommend Dave to anyone.

Donald J.

It was good Dave told us that we had a return of 6.5% on our IRAs… I’m 79 years old and there needs to be more Dave Stanleys in the world today…

Darryl B.

We first heard of Integrity Financial through a radio program. At the time I was getting very frustrated watching the Stock Market eating up too much of the money we were investing. Listening to Dave Stanley piqued my interest and so we went to see him. In my opinion he was a Godsend for us.

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We moved money over to Integrity Financial and started to have peace of mind. No more watching our money disappear in Stock Market fluctuations. It is certainly nice to know that our future is more secure and to know that we are not losing our retirement to the Stock Market. Dave Stanley’s investment strategy has been very beneficial for us.


Dave Stanley at Integrity Financial Service is very personable, professional and knowledgeable, along with being a man of integrity. He doesn’t hurry you at your appointment and listens to what you have to say and then discusses what he can do to make your dream come true. His reputation with his clients is one of friendship along with business. We would highly recommend this company for your financial needs.


Hello. I first heard of Dave S and Safe Money radio, so I called Dave and asked him some questions he answered my questions. He always answered my questions, was super nice, patient and very good at his job. Dave is a great example and definition of a Fiduciary. Someone who cares for people and is very trustworthy.

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I worked in a factory for almost 40 years and I was ready to get out, so between my 401K and my pension. Dave was able to get me out of there at 59 years old. Now my investments with Dave are in safe money. I don’t have to worry anymore about losing money or what the stock market does, between my Heavenly Father and Dave S I have never been so happy. Thank you, Integrity Financial Service

Doug R.

Dave has helped us feel secure that we will have an income for life.

John F.

I have been with David S 3 years. I am happy with the service as I think he’s professional, informative and friendly. I would recommend him to family and


Honest, knowledgeable and helpful! Dave S is all of the above and more. Dave has helped me save all my retirement money without losing a dime. I love the fact that Dave is concerned about me and my investments.

Linda S.

Dave was recommended to us 9 years ago. We were losing money right and left in the stock market. Dave showed us a way to keep what was left, plus we received a bonus for joining. We also were guaranteed 8.5 interest for the first 10 yrs. at that time. We have had a great relationship with Dave over the years. He is passionate about keeping the resources we have. We like the peace of mind it gives us. We would highly recommend him.


A trustworthy firm. Provided good financial advice. Went out of the way at times to help with a couple issues.

M&M Z.

Working with Dave has been great. He has set up a plan for my wife and I that makes it so we don’t have to worry about finances for the rest of our lives. Feels like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks Dave!

Nancy B.

We are so thankful for how things have turned out for us after investing with Dave Stanley and Integrity Financial. All of our questions have always been graciously and quickly answered by Dave, and we have no worries about our financial future. We would recommend Dave to anyone who wants to invest wisely and be confident about retirement income.

Randy V.

My experience with Dave at Integrity Financial has been very good. My wife’s parents invested with Dave years ago and their investments did very well. I am looking forward to retirement and have a peace of mind going into it. Dave is a very Christian man and I would recommend Integrity to anyone looking for an honest financial advisor.

Neil and Vicki

It is a pleasure to work with Dave. He has been incredibly helpful and very knowledgeable. Dave has shown us a better way to invest our savings to ensure our retirement enjoyment.

Will and Joanne B.

Great people. Very knowledgeable and very professional. I would highly recommend them.

The Edings

We have been with Dave for 11 years and he has always given us trustworthy advice. We have never experienced any losses, and have received dependable, predictable returns that have kept us well ahead of inflation – Dave has taken all the stress out of our retirement.


My name is Gary, and I would like to tell you about our experience with Dave Stanley and Integrity Financial.

We were referred to Dave by a friend back in 2008 when the market was crashing. We were quite concerned and fearful that we were going to lose a huge part of our retirement accounts that we had worked very hard over the years to build. Dave met with us and presented the “Safe Money Plan” and assured us that there was a better way.

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We moved our retirement accounts out of risky market investments that were dropping, into equity protected accounts with complete safety and guarantees. Since making that move, we have never lost a penny and our Lifetime Income Account has continued to compound annually for a lifetime of income that we can never outlive, and that gives us peace of mind.

We now have the opportunity to build a secure and flexible retirement plan that allows us to live our retirement on our terms. Even though Dave is our financial advisor, we have also gained a friend who is looking out for our best financial interests.



In our late 60’s, we were uncertain about our future financial security. The stockmarket was in a scary situation.

Dave presented us with a plan that we felt offered security and that took a lot of our stress about our financial future away. We didn’t lose any money in the ‘2008 Down-turn’.

Dave has always been available to answer our questions and provide us with
options that were a good fit for us. -Thanks Dave.


Well I’ve been with Integrity for 3yrs and have had nothing but good experiences. The reason I contacted Dave was I went to my bank to transfer my 401k over because I changed jobs and my new job didn’t have a 401k. And the bank gave me a bad vibe like they were trying to sell something. And when I contacted Dave he made me feel comfortable.


Easy to work with, knows his products well. Communicates well.


When we first met Dave through Safe Money Radio we were a little confused about our investments and thought we had something that we didn’t really have. Dave’s analysis of our investments made it clear to us that we could do much better; and being of retirement age, we also wanted safety and guarantees.

Dave presented a plan that would give us a nice bonus to help make up the losses
that we had experienced earlier.


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Since going to Dave, we have experienced very attractive guaranteed returns, and
no losses. Now we are starting to draw monthly income that will last us the rest of our lives.

After checking Dave out thoroughly, we found he had an impeccable record, and
no complaints. In an age when it’s hard to find honesty and integrity, we have
found Dave to possess both.”


Dave Stanley is a competent and proficient financial consultant. He can assist you to place your money in a safe, secure and stable investment contract. Let him help you decide if his investing products are the best fit for your financial health. Read his “Safe Money” book, which is free for the asking, then speak to Mr. Stanley and get your questions answered and size-up this type of investment and see if it meets your approval.

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People don’t lose financial value using Dave’s services. The bottom line is your investment is safe and guaranteed by contract to never lose any of your money. See Dave for more details.

Maria M.

Our financial relationship with Dave Stanley has been since 2012. He was very attuned to our financial needs and what we needed to do to grow our money to retire with no worries. Dave analyzed our needs and our wants. He recommended a customized safe money portfolio that would grow in a dependable way to give us complete safety on the downside, and lifetime income we could never outlive.

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We have had no losses no matter what the market is doing. Dave is very accommodating to our schedule and met with us whenever we needed to see him. My husband and I are very grateful that we met him when we did. Our lives have been changed for the better. We have no worries.


My name is Charlie, and this is my story about Dave Stanley and Integrity Financial-

I heard about Dave and the Safe Money Program on the Radio a couple of years ago. I called the number provided and received the Safe Money Book, read it and then set up an appointment.


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At the first appointment Dave started to educate me on Safe Money, answered all of the questions that I had brought with me from the book and provided me with several investment options. I read through all of that information and set up another appointment.

Dave again patiently answered all of my questions which I had brought about the investments, and about the book, that were raised from reading the additional material provided.

Finally, when I was comfortable, and understood Safe Money, I scheduled an additional appointment to answer my remaining questions, which Dave with his expertise always was able to answer without hesitation and I made the decision to invest with Dave Stanley and Integrity Financial.

Please note almost all of these sessions were three to four hours as I was starting from ground zero and had a lot of questions that Dave took the time to answer, with no obligation for me to invest.

This decision has allowed me not to worry about that portion of my portfolio through all of the market swings that have occurred in the last few years. I have put my trust in Dave Stanley and Integrity Financial and they have not disappointed.

Gary L.

Found Dave on the radio. He has been the answer to our prayers. Total professional. Thanks to Dave my wife and I sleep like babies. Strongly recommend.

Dennis C.

We have been long-time clients of Dave’s and have always been very pleased. Highly recommend.

Neil and Vickie

It is a pleasure to work with Dave. He has been incredibly helpful and very knowledgeable. Dave has shown us a better way to invest our savings to ensure our retirement enjoyment.

Paul H.

A trustworthy firm. Provided good financial advice. Went out of the way at times to help with a couple issues.

Craig S.

We have had a great experience with Dave Stanley and Integrity Financial. Dave is very knowledgeable in his field. He truly cares about his clients and watches out for their best interests. He has given us financial peace of mind.

Rocky & Peggy H.

Very professional and conscientious service for the individual client’s needs.

Tim S.

Financial Services’ personal touch as well as the years of experience outmatch another financial company! Dave has custom fit a perfect plan to fit my retirement. I have already referred two people to financial services. A million thanks Dave!

Jon C.

Thanx for all your advice and guidance David. I made a great decision calling you.

Joyce H.

I was looking for a financial person I could trust after my previous advisor moved out of state, I was retiring and wanted someone I could confer with face to face. Dave was recommended by a trusted friend. This was 4 years ago and I could not be more pleased. Dave patiently explains all my questions – and gives me sound advice when I ask. I feel comfortable with my financial stability knowing Dave has my best interest at heart.


Dave’s team is transparent and highly knowledgeable. And always ready to help in these uncertain times.

Bruce & Charlene H.

We were very pleased with Dave’s advice about our finances. Very honest and took a lot of time to explain why he was suggesting a financial/investment company with whom to invest. This is why we are recommending him to our friends.

Carl and Daelynn

 Excellent customer service, very professional. Dave explained things very clearly.

Mark and Nancy B.

We have been very pleased with Integrity Financial Service. We went with the Safe Money plan as presented to us by Dave Stanley, Sr. All of our questions were answered at the outset and guidance was given along the way. Now we are up to the distribution stage, and everything that Dave presented to us early on has worked out just as he said. Our biggest joy has been no worries about market fluctuations as we entered into retirement.

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Our retirement funds have been kept safe so we can utilize them now. A professional office staff has always been available and helpful. If we could choose one word to describe Dave Stanley and his staff, it would be “trustworthy.”

Dennis A.

We have been with Dave for seven years and have been completely satisfied with his advice and management of our accounts. He is friendly and personable and knows what he’s talking about. You won’t go wrong if you decide to avail yourself of his service. An easy five stars!